Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick Wins...The Dean Catches Up.


Mr. Palmer of the VSun has a column up about 'Quick Wins' and 'connections' and 'offers' and 'x dollars per month' - type Emails and all that.

And, oh ya, the work of a Special Prosecutor and charges too.


We're sure glad the Dean is keeping up with idiot bloggers with no established credibility and all that (months after the fact, of course).



You can't really blame the bet-hedging Mr. Palmer for raising the expectations on this thing just a wee bit at this late date after he appeared to do his best to bury the real lede oh those many months ago. 

After all, as we the idiots and great unwashed learned some time ago just by paying attention,  Special Prosecutor Butcher previously announced that he would probably finish his investigation in the 'New Year' which led to all sorts of wild-eyed predictions, et cetera, as 2015 dawned.

My take?

The Dean has brand new all important, super-secret insider-accessed information that an announcement on that investigation is coming soon.

Maybe even next week.

Too bad Mr. Palmer and friends decided to let this all this stuff go BEFORE the election, eh?.....And too bad Mr. Palmer couldn't bring himself to write the name of the very fine former public servant who carried out the Clarklandian Quick Wins 'investigation' that allowed he and his to pretty much ignore the matter in the run-up to that election, despite the fact that the actual data gathered during the investigation wasn't actually released, in full, until after the fact....Personally, I won't be surprised if the Keef suddenly fires up his Twittmachine feed once again to tell us that the NDP is off its rocker for even bothering re-raise an issue that goes to the core of the democratic process given that it is something that was already 'decided' by said polling day outcome. 


Gazetteer Sounds....All In One Place.


Sometimes I make sounds, mostly alone but sometimes with my kids.

Below is a bit of a compilation - just click on the little arrow and the tune will run right here in the blog - no muss, no fuss.

Newly minted walking/talking/strumming pods (just like the old days) comin'....Promise.


Monday, January 19, 2015

The Return Of Gordon Campbell...The Creme Also Rises.


Remember that recent story about the phone polling (done by an actual person!) asking folks if they thought Gordon Campbell is trusty-worthy?


It turns out that it was all about the new federal riding of Vancouver Granville which is, in large part, Shaughnessy (aka 'Cremeville').

It also turns out that it apparently had nothing to do with Senatorville and everything to do with Mr. Campbell's potential run at the seat under the FedCon banner as the Globe's Steven Chase told us late last week. 

But here's the thing that few have been talking about, which is that the already declared candidate for the Conservative nomination in that highest of high-fat ridings is none other than the former Cremeinator herself, Ms. Jennifer Clarke:

...The Conservative Party has yet to hold a nomination contest there and one candidate running to carry the Tory banner is Jennifer Clarke...


Will wonders never cease?

Can the Knotty Gordian win in that riding?....Of course he can...After all, this is Cremeville we're talking about....In other words, it's the place where the chosen ones did absolutely fabulously under Premier Gord while everyone else in the province paid.
And don't forget....It was Laila who figured out that something was going down here first.... Just by paying attention.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Dog Days Of Winter...Pitchers And Catchers Report In Less Than A Month!


Don't know about you but these days spring training is on my mind.

For all kinds of reasons, including the chance to get a free breakfast from the Colorado Rockies.

Seriously though, one of the things I love about going to spring training, Cactus League division, is heading out to the minor league camps to watch all the old guys/stars from days gone by hanging around the orange groves doing stuff like hitting fungos into the high desert sun and throwing batting practice gopher balls from behind wire mesh screens.


Speaking of old guys....

Here's Luke Appling hitting a quasi-legitimate big league home run during a 1982 old timers game at JFK Stadium in Washington off of Warren Spahn.

The kicker here is that Mr. Appling was 75 years young at the time.

The irony?....During a big-league career that spanned 21 seasons Appling only hit 45 home runs, total... His best year was eight.
The take home message?...As a young man (i.e. during his playing days) Appling was known as 'Old Aches And Pains' because he was always complaining about this or that minor ailment...Ha!


Mr. Harper's Reverse Onioning Of Canada.


Made a quick trip over to Victoria this weekend to see my Mom and Pops, in part to help them set up their WiFi as well as their tablet-thingy, which was not entirely easy given that neither of the experts in the family, also known as Bigger E. and littler e., was with me.


While downstairs at Mom and Pops I found myself perusing some linear-type geopoliticallishmishmashable material from days gone by and came upon the following 'historical' passage:

"...(T)he nation of Canada will never be as great as the United States so long as it continues to burden its citizens with universal health care, refuses to drill for oil in federally protected wildlife reserves, and neglects its duty to blindly support unilateral invasions of Middle Eastern states..."


Where the heckfire did that come from?

Why none other than a hefty tome published by the fine folks at The Onion titled "Our Dumb World: Atlas Of The Planet Earth".

Published in...

Wait for it...



Saturday, January 17, 2015

Palmer v. Farrell....Five Billion Here And Five Billion There Is Real Money.


Vaughn Palmer wrote a column last week (which is still easy to find on the VSun website, by the way) in which he concluded that a significant portion of the BC Hydro debt is all the NDP's fault.

Based on unimpeachable sources (eg. the statements of Gordon Campbell and current BC Liberal government press-type releases etc.), Mr. Palmer figures that the Dippers from way back when (i.e. starting in 1992) scooped $2.5 billion out of Hydro and dumped it into general revenue. The Dean of the Lotuslandian Legislative Press Gallery then goes on to surmise that that number has since risen kinda/sorta modestly to $5.4 billion under the BC Liberals which has led to a borrowing hole of $3.2 billion.

And Mr. Palmer's point?

Well, as near as I can figure it, it is designed to inform us, with all the established credibility (and top-drawer access of insider boweevel info) that he can muster that 'both sides do it' and that they always will.

Norm Farrell, who is crazy enough to eschew all that boweevil insider info business and actually comb through publicly accessible financial databases in detail has come to the conclusion that the good Mr. Palmer's numbers and conclusions are falsely equivalent in the extreme:

...Since 2001, BC Hydro payments to government total almost $10 billion and it does not take a graduate degree in finance to know, had that money not been paid out, the crown corporation's borrowings would be reduced by the same amount. It is an illogical fiction to pretend that only $3.2 billion had to be borrowed to make payments to government during the past 23 years...

And, for good measure, Mr. Farrell has the following to say about the Tale of Two Clarks chapter in this saga:

... (Mr.) Palmer could also have reported that when Glen Clark became Premier, BC Hydro's long-term debt was $7.496 billion and, when he left the office three years later, it was $7.474 billion. When Christy Clark became Premier, the utility's debt was $11.712 billion. According to the September 2014 financial statements, the debt was $16.588 billion, not the lesser amount from ten months ago noted on the BC Liberal's press notes...

It's really a superlative, fact-backed fisking by Norm and you should go read his entire post.


My take?

The real problem we have 'round here is NOT the boweevils who pump out all that insider access.

Instead, it is those that use rely on it to keep on keepin' on (and on and on and on).



The Ultimate Deadlines.


Rod Mickleburgh, writing for free, writes three great tributes on the passing of Alicia Priest, Sean Rossiter and Doug Sagi.

Here is just one passage, but go read it all:

...Alicia (after learning she had ALS) faced her fate head on. She chose to regard it as a deadline for a writing project she’d had in her mind for years: the story of her family and her flawed, off-beat father, who masterminded the great Yukon silver heist of the early 1960’s. Of course, it was a deadline no writer or reporter would ever want, but it was a deadline nevertheless, one referred to by Alicia as “the ultimate deadline”. As always, she met it with flying colours. Her book, A Rock Fell on the Moon, was published to glowing reviews last fall. Best of all, although unable to speak and nourished through a tube, Alicia was able to return to the Yukon in October for a very special book launch at the Baked Café in Whitehorse...


Friday, January 16, 2015

Journos Taking Money From The People They Cover...

...What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

From Sean Craig's Canadaland series on Ms. Amanda Lang's efforts to kill the MoCo's story about RBC's in-sourcing of temporary foreign workers so that they could be trained to take the trainers' (i.e. Canadian) jobs:

...(A)s CBC journalists across the country pulled in information to advance the story, they were summoned to a conference call with Kathy Tomlinson (who was the lead investigatory journalist on the story) and, to their surprise: Amanda Lang.

CANADALAND spoke to three CBC employees who were on the conference call with Tomlinson and Lang.

Lang, they recall, relentlessly pushed to undermine the RBC story. She argued that RBC was in the right, that their outsourcing practices were “business as usual,” and that the story didn’t merit significant coverage. She and a defiant Tomlinson faced off in a tense, extended argument. Two of the CBC employees we spoke to recall a wave of frustrated hang-ups by participants.

“I cannot emphasize enough how wrong it was,” said one CBC employee we spoke to. “That another journalist, not involved in a story, would intervene in the reporting of others and question the integrity of her colleagues like that. I haven’t seen anything like it before or since.”...


Sure glad we don't have any journos 'round here that take money and favours from the fine folks they cover.



Didn't Norm Farrell, with an assist from the GStraight's Charlie Smith, have something on that not long ago?

Alison has more, much more, on the toothless tigger that the MoCo/CBC is fast becoming.
And don't you just wish that bloggers, the folks who have brought all this stuff to light, had just a wee bit more established 'credibility'?...Because that's what matters...Right?


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Night's Alright For (Uke Cover) Fighting!


First, the original...

Next, the (opera) uke cover!

And here is the real original, Mr. Jones, doing the original....Orginally.
Thanks, as always, to LA Photochronicler extraordinare, Ellen Bloom, for the image of the UkePegHead at the top of the post.


If Gordon Campbell Flew In Today...

...Would They Send Him A Limousine Anyway?

Laila Yuile has the latest to suggest that it is most definitely, maybe, a possibility.

Apparently, there's a phone poll going down asking folks if they find the good Mr. Campbell 'trustworthy'.

I kid you not.

Header giving you a phantom earworm?....This!
It's a tune I've written about before...In an entirely different context.
Update: Norm Farrell has more, much more, on the subject of Mr. Campbell's 'trustyworthiness'.