Friday, August 22, 2014

The Anti-Athlete Cliche...Nothing To Do With Taking It 'One Day At A Time'.


“We made it this far; there’s no reason to cry or anything,”

Mo'ne Davis is a star player for the Philadelphia entry in the Little League World Series.

She uttered the above after her team lost in the quarter finals on Thursday night. 

And, yes...

The pronoun is not a misprint.


This Friday Afternoon In Snookland...We're Not In Oregon Anymore Toto.



The following is interesting, especially in juxtaposition to the rampant 'pay-to-play, open-for-business-no-matter-what' crony capitalism of the never-ending, Snooklandian-assisted, Golden Era:

Oregon's Department of State Lands on Monday dealt a serious blow to Ambre Energy's proposed coal terminal, denying a key permit needed for a project to export 8.8 million tons of coal annually to Asia...


...Ambre's planned $242 million project would move coal from Wyoming and Montana by train to Boardman and barge it down the Columbia River to Port Westward, near Clatskanie. Then it would be loaded on major ships bound for Asia...

So, once again...

Here's to it.

That never-ending 'Let Them Eat Hummus!' - type Golden Era, I mean:


Mount Polley Disaster (ctd)...The 'Risk'.


As we noted yesterday, thanks to environmental blogger Alexandra Morton the provincial government has been forced to acknowledge that the blue slime on top of the affected lakes may actually be a problem.


As we also noted previously, the building spin, which first began cranking up in the pages of Maclean's awhile back, is that the best thing to do, clean-up wise, might be nothing so as not to disturb all that sediment (i.e. the heavy-metal- and phosphorus-laden toxic sludge) on the bottoms of the affected lakes.

And now (surprise!) the ol' turdstormer and avalanche conjurer himself, Mr. Bill Bennett, is helping to spin that wheel with the help of (surprise again!)  Black Press' Mr. Tom Fletcher:

..."What we need to do is test those sediments to determine whether it's better environmentally to leave them there or to try to collect them and get them out of the creek bed and get them out of the creek mouth in Quesnel Lake," Bennett said. "Before you start dredging lake bottoms and trying to clean up the bottom of a creek bed to get the sand out, you've got to determine what the risk is first, and that's the phase that we're in right now."...


And what 'risk' is that, exactly, given the longterm propensity for the crap to leach out of sludge slurries into aquatic environments?

Well, our old friend Gary E, a blogger who built up a ton of 'established credibility' with us back in the days when the local proMedia club was doing its best to keep the likes of us out of the Railgate pre-trial courtroom, has this to say in response to Mr. Bennett:

...Notice they (i.e. Mr. Bennett and the rest of the spincycle riders) don't say which risk they are talking about. I submit it's the financial risk. So in my opinion the smoke and mirrors are now gearing up to full force...

Go read Gary's entire post...It's a good one, and it's good to have him back in the Bloggodome.
Look...There might be a legitimate argument to made about a non-disturbance mode of action to some aspect or aspects of the clean-up...But so far it is coming from the spinners NOT the folks with actual expertise into how best mitigate both the short term AND long term effects of the disaster...And, the photo atop the Black Press piece (see the top of this post) is extremely disingenuous in that it juxtaposes a person with the expertise to make such calls seated next to Mr. Bennett when the former has said absolutely nothing about the 'let's just let it sit' strategy...Now...If an an 'idiot blogger' pulled such a trick, what do you think the established cred-types might be saying?
And speaking of the good Mr. Black...Whatever happened, POST-ELECTION, to that LNG Sparkle Pony factory fantasy of his that the established cred crowd bought into so blithely PRE-ELECTION, anyway?....
Sorry all the ALL-CAPS this morning, but geez...


The Summertime Jukebox So Far.

...Bigger E, doing her thing at the corner of Haight and Ashbury in Baghdad By The Bay.

Train We Will Forever Ride, No Matter How Many Coaches Long...

Can purgatory be found lurking in the parking lot of a Super 8 motel?...

For My Friend Ian....

Will The Golden Era Never End....

Our Neil, Pocahontas and Thee...

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Evening In Snookland....The Game.


In a....



Armies Of Story Hunters.


For a number of reasons including, it would appear, the weird staccato of the compressed writing. 

But she has also discovered something that I think is really important:

...I finally caved a couple of months ago and signed on, only to discover that a well-planned Twitter feed is like having an army of story-hunters around the world connecting me to the most interesting and diverse angles on what's going on out there. I've never had so many interesting news stories put in front of me...

That really is the ticket, I think.

And it's different than a search engine because the story hunters take you places that no Boolean-based algorithm can match.

At least not so far.

You can follow Ms. Paterson on the machine....Here.


This Afternoon In Snookland...The Uncrediting.


Yesterday, I suppressed all snark and tried to write a straight-up post giving 'credit-where-credit-is-due' to the fine folks running our provincial government for for announcing an inquiry into the Mt. Polley disaster that appears to have a degree of independence. 

I recognized it as a limited hangout but, still, in comparison to, say, the Dyble inquiry into 'Quick Wins' that helped those same fine folks win an election, I thought it was a step forward.

And then readers in the comment threads took me to task.

In a good way.

The biggest argument about what is being left out of the inquiry, not what's in it.

They also pointed me towards Uncle Rafe's latest which details this well, and lays out the implications:

...By careful but not very clever design, this inquiry from the outset exonerates Mr. Bennett’s and Ms. Pollock’s (sic) ministries. When you look through the 14 recommendations there is one that faintly suggests that the commissioners might want to look at the regulatory regime surrounding this disaster. There is no mandate to do so and it is not any more than a casual comment. Moreover, None of the commissioners have any expertise to look at this aspect of the matter.

I don’t mean this in unfairness to the commissioners – I don’t know the gentlemen but their credentials with respect to mining seem impeccable. But, to check into the regulatory obligations of ministries and whether or not they have been fulfilled requires a lawyer or a judge.

This disaster has two obvious aspects to it, both of critical importance if we are to assess responsibility and determine any changes that may be necessary.

First of all, of course, why did the dam burst? That is a question that will have to be answered by Imperial Metals, the owner of the mine.

There is a second and just as important feature, though -were proper regulations in place, where they properly used and enforced? Was there enough staff to fulfill the mandate these regulations imposed? Is it true that going back to 2001 the Liberal government has gone easy on mines and by reducing staff so they can only fulfill her duties part-time? These and associated questions are critical...


It would appear that the hangout is to be very, very limited indeed.

Which means that it essentially has no credibility at all.

Thanks everybody.


This Day In Snookland...Boss! Boss! The Film!


My oh my...

Look what Alexandra Morton has wrought:

The province is investigating reports of a blue film that stings to the touch on the surface of Quesnel Lake following the collapse of Imperial Metals’ Mount Polley mine tailings dam.

Biologist Alexandra Morton, with the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society, notified the Interior Health Authority about the blue film. She took photos, video and samples of the film that will be tested in a Lower Mainland lab.

Following reports of the blue film, Interior Health contacted the Ministry of Environment, which has collected samples, Sue Pollack, a medical health officer with Interior Health, said Wednesday.

The results of the analysis will be released when they are available, she said...

The above is the lede of Gordon Hoekstra's latest in the VSun.



Ms. Morton set all that in motion that just by going to the place with some jars, a camera, and a blog?

Is that even allowed?

I mean, where's here 'established credibility' anyway?

And Troll-O-Matic Footballers, if you want to talk smack in the comments you better you better hit the line with facts tucked under your arms rather than cherry-picked puffs of creme....


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Jukebox Tune #13...Mystery Train


For awhile now I've had a fascination with Junior Parker's 'Mystery Train'.

For all kinds of reasons, including the fact that it is one kinghell tune that has been covered by so many people that I reckon a diverse chunk of them could easily fill an entire Vinyl Tap episode if only Mr. Bachman would just listen to my pleas.

Here's my acoustical version that would most likely come on about 4:48am of a Bachman show that ended at 9:00pm the previous evening:


This Day In British Columbia...Credit Where Credit Is Due.


What's with the credit-where-credit-is-due/snark-free header, you might be asking?


By all accounts it looks like Mt. Polley spill investigation might actually have a degree of independence.

And this is a tentative conclusion that is backed-up by the support of the local First Nations in the sludge zone.

Stephen Hui of the GStraight has the story.



Why are those same local First Nations and an environmental steward doing the only demonstrable truly independent water and sediment testing?

And then there is the matter of the 'blue film' on the lakes.

Go read Alexandra Morton for full 'on-the-ground' reports with pictures that you are not seeing on the six o'clock news or the front pages of newspapers.

The twinge about the investigation is the long timeline (Jan 31st for reporting)...That gives it a sniff of the 'limited hangout' about it, especially if the ol' turdstormer starts spouting things like, "I can't comment because there is an investigation underway"....And don't forget that the Snooklandians used the limited hangout tactic before to get them through the 'quick wins' thingy, because, you know, six months is an eternity in politics...